Cake Delivery

Have dessert delivered!

Order one (or many) of our classic desserts for delivery on one of our scheduled delivery days and time slots.

Currently we are offering delivery on 

Tuesdays - Thursdays - Saturdays - Sundays

And your order will be delivered between 9am-12pm(noon)

If you would like your order to arrive at a specific time please select the "Custom Delivery Option" to select your time. We only offer two custom delivery spots per day on top of our 5 regular time slot deliveries.

Current Delivery Cost = $7

Custom Delivery Time Cost = $12

Please note we are limiting our quantities per week and PICKUP IS NOT AVAILABLE.

Quantities will be refilled every Monday at 10am


1. Choose what you would like to purchase from the items below - complete your purchase and write down your confirmation number

2. Book one of our available delivery time slots in the DELIVERY SCHEDULE below. Make sure you include your order confirmation number in the message space to confirm your orders delivery

3. If you were able to book a delivery spot with an order confirmation number your order is now confirmed 

If there are any issues with your order a Classy Cakes 'n Cookies representative will be in touch via email.